22 September 2017

What Makes The Bolts More Deadly This Conference?

The New Bolts
The new arrivals has just given Meralco Bolts a deeper rotation and timely reliever for their wary veterans.

At the point, Baser Amer is still the main man for the Bolts, but the tenacity and experience of Mike Tolomia provide the team with additional firepower that can dictate the flow of offense. In some cases, both guards can play together and create a confusing scenario for the opposing team.

The shooting guard position is a loose slot that the Bolts have adopted to maximize either the athleticism or the deadly shooting of their players. It usually starts Chris Newsome to provide energy immediately at the start, but Garvo Lanete offers them a considerable scoring threat.

In most cases Jared Dillinger is the third option at the guard spot or a second option at the shooting forward position. Depending on the match-ups, the 6-foot-4 Dillinger provides the Bolts with a very flexible rotation on those two crucial areas, which confuses whoever is guarding him.

Stability is the main agenda why Ranidel de Ocampo was acquired from sister team TNT KaTropa using a conduit third party. With the multi-titled veteran in its roster, it won’ be surprising to see him as a permanent fixture at the shooting forward spot.

Both the remaining best-import awardee Allen Durham and high-leaping Cliff Hodge are the primary players at the center and power-forward positions, with a bevy of average bruisers supporting them which include Reynel Hugnatan, Kelly Nabong and Bryan Faundo.

What makes the frontline offense of the Bolts so deadly that what it has previously is that they all can shoot from the outside the shaded areas. Even Nabong showed his accuracy from the three-point range in their last game.

This is the new look of the Bolts. They have the grit, the attitude and the skill sets to support that claim. What made the roster more unassuming is the presence of quality players from the bench, which can easily provide instant impact.

The likes of Joseph Yeo, Joseph Sedurifa, Anjo Caram and Jonathan Uyloan may have been discarded by other teams, but with the Bolts, they have a new lease in life and are bound to repay that anytime they are called to relieve the primary players.

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