07 April 2017

List of Violations In the 2017 Season of the PBA

Chris Newsome
The current PBA management is trying to minimize the physical plays and harmful intentions in the league by imposing hefty fines on erring players.

After just a week of action in 2017, the PBA has collected a total of PhP 102,900 on fines mostly courtesy of flagrant fouls committed in the only a few days after new year as well as the league's last couple of game days in December of last year.

No figures were officially released for the 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup, but observers believed that the same trend is happening and won't change for some time.

So far, San Miguel Beer veteran Ronald Tubid received the highest fine after being suspended for two games and fined PhP 30,000 by the PBA Commissioner's Office for a hit on Chris Newsome that left the Meralco sophomore with a swollen right eye a few days ago.

For the complete list of fines in the PBA, check the list below:

for FFP2 (landing spot, with dire consequence)25,000
for FFP220,000
for tripping with contact (3rd FFP1 for the conference)15,000
for "submarining" an airborne opponent15,000
for hitting the face of another player10,000
for FFP1 (landing spot - 2nd offense)10,000
for FFP1 against an airborne player10,000
for disrespectful gestures and utterances10,000
for committing an injurious contact against another player10,000
for FFP1 (wind up on an airborne player)8,000
for FFP1 (landing spot)7,500
for FF15,000
for entering the court5,000
for tripping with contact5,000
for applauding the referee)5,000
for flopping (2nd offense)5,000
for hitting on an airborne player with wind-up motion5,000
for the 5th technical foul4,600
for 1st technical foul (other version)4,000
for 4th technical foul3,400
for flopping3,000
for 3rd technical foul2,400
for engaging in a verbal altercation2,400
for leaving the playing court2,000
for crossing the hash mark2,000
for 2nd technical foul1,600
for slamming the ball hard)1,600
for engaging in verbal altercation1,600
for disrespectfully addressing an official1,600
for technical foul (profane language)1,600
for technical foul (resentment - 2nd offense)1,600
for technical foul1,000
for 1st technical foul1,000
for pulling down shorts while in the substitution box1,000
for technical foul (using profane language)1,000
for pointing an accusing finger at the referee1,000
for engaging in verbal altercation against another player1,000
for technical foul (pointing an accusing finger at the referee)1,000
for pulling down shorts while in the free throw line1,000
for second motion1,000
for technical foul (not reporting to the official's table)1,000
for disrespectfully addressing an offical1,000
for dresscode violation1,000

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