25 February 2016

Did Montreal Just Resign or Forced to Resign?

Rhose Montreal
After the expose of PBA reporter Snow Badua, the league conducted an investigation on the alleged claim that one of their own has committed a crime by falsifying public documents.

The subject of the allegations is the director for PBA's Business Development department Rosalie Dalangin Garcia aka Rhose Montreal. According to the report of Badua, Montreal's diploma was full of questionable entries.

One of the most glaring ones is that the signatories were past officials of the University of the Philippines (UP) and not the ones that were in office during the time that she reported she graduated from the state university (1994).

This prompted several sports sites to call for an independent investigation to determine how the PBA made an error of judgement by not doing due diligence if this is really true.

Another unofficial report was released recently shedding light to what the league official has done so far and it reads:
"The PBA Board of Governors discussed in an executive session today the alleged reports in social media relating to Ms. Rhose Montreal.

Chairman Robert Non had earlier instructed Ms. Montreal to explain in writing her answer to the alleged reports on or before Friday, February 26,2016.

However, Ms. Montreal requested to appear and to personally explain her site to the PBA Governors during the regular meeting held today, after which she submitted her letter of resignation. After further deliberation, the board accepted the resignation of Ms. Montreal effective immediately."
But is this the end of it? If there is any truth to the matter, it may be prudent to assume that other aggrieved parties may take this opportunity to file their separate case against Montreal and these will probably involved the UP and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

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