24 February 2016

Is She A UP Graduate or Not?

Rhose Montreal
If PBA reporter Snow Badua is to be believed, there is another controversy awaiting to be investigated in the PBA and this one involves a league official.

The center of Badua's investigation is Business Development director Rosalie Dalangin Garcia aka Rhose Montreal who is being accused of allegedly providing false information in her resume and personal data sheet that she submitted to the league.

The allegations stems from the fact that the signatories in Montreal's diploma were reportedly past presidents of the University of the Philippines (UP) and not the officials at the time that she graduated from the state university in 1994.

If the documents are indeed fake, it would require someone to file a case against Montreal for the said tampering. Ideally, the aggrieved party - or the company to which Montreal "deceived" would be the likely complainant. In this case the PBA.

The next question is, will the PBA under Commissioner Chito Narvasa do so? Or will they just ask her to resign as Head of Business Development? If indeed she is being groomed for the position of Commissioner to replace Narvasa as lso claimed by Badua, then the said act does not merit her to assume that position. Qualified or not, she does not deserve the position simply because of this act.

Even if the position is not as "sensitive" as the position of a Commissioner, the league should follow strictly the code of conduct and fire her. After several controversies and . questions about league integrity, is the PBA willing to risk this situation from escalating?

However, at the very least, Narvasa should conduct an impartial investigation. If the result turns out that the diploma is a fake, the Commissioner can ask Montreal to resign.

Just recently Montreal and her boyfriend Edward Aquino, a controversial PBA referee, were in Toronto to represent the league in the last NBA All Stars.

University of the Philippines (U.P.) Registrar, Dr. Marilyn Canta, just furnish the public a copy of her letter claiming that Montreal was indeed enrolled during the First Semester 1992-1993 until the Second Semester 1995-1996 at the College of Social Science and Philosophy, pursuing a degree in Philosophy. However, she denied that Montreal finished her studies, which means she did not graduate.

Furthermore, Dr. Canta said that the signatures in Montreal's alleged diploma are not authentic, date of graduation is incorrect, the diploma should have four signatures and not three, and the original U.P. Diploma is in Filipino and not in English.

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