11 November 2015

Bolts Look OK

Meralco Bolts
Two games into the season, and the Meralco Bolts look OK.

Sorry for the lack of verbal fireworks, but that’s really the best way to describe what we’ve seen so far from newly invented team.

On one hand they haven't looked horrible. They won nothing ... yet. They haven't destroyed any team as of this writing, but the retooled personnel look promising even if they still lack cohesiveness.

On the other hand, the Bolts haven't looked great. They lost both to the San Miguel Beermen and got ambushed by the lowly Blackwater Elites. The first was really a god team but the Bolts could have stolen that one. Everyone following them would like to think they are at that point. They want Meralco at 2-0 after two games — not 0-2. That’s a winning team vs. a losing team. That’s a team on the right track vs. a team that needs to figure itself out.

Then again 0-2 is also just 0-2. It’s two games. It’s a small sample size that delivers fun facts like this: 1) The Bolts are currently 25.9 points per possession worse on defense when Baser Amer's on the court. 2) Meanwhile they're 10.7 points per possession better on defense when Chris Newsome's on the court. 3) Meanwhile Gary David is shooting well from three. 4) Meanwhile Jimmy Alapag is faring well din PRER despite his age.

It’s really so early and so stupid to get carried away with anything we've seen so far, but moving forward it's also safe to assume that the Bolts will hang around somewhere in the vicinity of OK. They're not going to make a run at a one or two seed. They're not going to tank. They're going to do some good things and some bad things but as long as there's more from column A than column B — as long as 0-2 becomes 2-2 — there’s only so much to complain about.

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