20 September 2015

Snow Badua Banned By the PBA

Snow Badua
The Abby Poblador scandal has hit not only the alleged adulterer, the Spin.ph reporter, but the organization as well.

Starting 19 September, PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa has banned Snow Badua from covering the league's activities, including the games, following the sports reporter's online spat with Barangay Ginebra's governor Alfrancis Chua.

"It has come to my attention that you had used different media platforms to malign, embarrass and mortify a person of authority of this association. Your incessant attacks on Twitter on Mr. Alfrancis Chua, team manager of Ginebra San Miguel, has caused distress, embarrassment and disharmony with his family," Narvasa said in his letter to Badua as quoted by PBA.ph.

The PBA commissioner said he has investigated the issue between Badua and Chua and found out that stories posted by the reporter on social media "have no factual basis."

Narvasa further accused Badua of inciting anger among fans of the three San Miguel Corp. (SMC) teams to provoke hatred on Chua.

"If this office allows such a baseless attack on a high official of this association, what will prevent you from doing the same thing to any of us? This office shall not allow such an incorrigible deed to go unheeded," he said.

Narvasa also prohibited all PBA coaches, players and team members from granting Badua interviews or they will face sanctions.

The issue stemmed from a confession made by sexy model Abby Poblador on her alleged affair with "a PBA team executive."

Poblador, a former MMA round girl who was voted among FHM's sexiest, said on the podcast channel GTWM (Good Times with Mo) that she had sex with the team official. Although she did not mention the official’s name, she hinted that the official is a ''former head coach with long hair.''

Badua used this as a basis of his verbal joust with Chua online. The reporter also ranted against the official's ''shortcomings'' with his team Barangay Ginebra.

After receiving the letter from Narvasa, Badua responded by addressing his Twitter followers.

"I will talk at the right time. For now, I promise nobody can stop me, nobody can hold me down. Promise ko yan sa mga true sports fans. :)" he said.

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