11 September 2015

Why Was the Abby Poblador Podcast Taken Off The Air

Aby Poblador Podcast
DJ Mo Twister is no stranger to controversies and the latest one he is involved with concerns the professional sports of basketball.

Last 9 September 2015, an episode of "Good Times With Mo (GTWM): The Podcast" hosted by DJ Mo was held from being uploaded online for unexplained reason. In that episode, the show had Abby Poblador as guest.

Poblador rose to fame following appearances in fights of a top MMA outfit and later appeared as a guest host in AKTV Center, a halftime show in the PBA games coverage that was later reformatted.

In a no holds-barred discussion, Poblador revealed her sexual preferences and activities.

She also discussed about her affair with a top Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) executive. Although Poblador didn't mention the team executive by name, the former mixed martials arts round girl dropped additional hints like 'former coach turned executive' and 'long hair.' The podcast which was later taken down from the GTWM channel.

In succeeding tweets, DJ Mo, Mohan Gumatay in real life, expressed disappointment that the controversial episode will no longer be seen on TV5's official website tv5.com.ph. TV5 is also the official channel of all PBA games.

"Right when I am about to sleep I get word we're having problems with last nights @GTWMPodcast episode. Now I am too pissed to sleep," said Gumatay on his @DJMoTwister Twitter account shortly after informing the fans of a very interesting interview.

"There is an unfortunate hold on Wednesday’s episode but Thursday’s episode should be available shortly."

DJ Mo even explained that the 'censure' was more of a legal problem.

"I'll be honest, it's not a network thing but a legal thing. In past seasons, we've done the same thing but this one is higher profile so I understand the frustration. I'm upset too but the internet does not have laws."

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