09 March 2015

Just One of the Several Jokes in the PBA?

Jokes in the PBA
Now that it was all over the international network and branded as "one of the worst dunk attempts ever", Purefoods Star Hotshot Justin Melton said it was all a planned joke.

"I made it man, though I haven’t actually seen it yet, but people have been messaging me back home from the US, telling me, 'I saw you on CNN,'" the Fil-American told Spin.Ph over breakfast.

He also said that his phone was flooded with messages from his family and college friends since he attempted that "joke" dunk in the All-Star event last 6 March 2015.

"But it’s unreal, I never thought I would be seen at CNN or ESPN on a failed dunk," he said. "We planned it, but we never know it would go this big."

Wow! So when former Hotshot import and three-year National Basketball Association (NBA) veteran Daniel Orton criticized the league as being a joke, nobody thought that Melton would actually proved it in front of the All-Star crowd.

The 6-foot-9 former Oklahoma City center, who fouled out with 1 minute and 30 seconds left in his third game in a losing contest against Kia Carnival aired his comments about the league's officiating.

"This game was seriously a joke," he said. "The way the game was going the refs made it into a mockery, seriously. They took the game that I know and love and made it into a mockery."

Before he was sent home, Orton also declared that playing coach Manny Pacquiao playing in the PBA is "a joke."

"That’s a joke. That’s part of the joke I was talking about," Orton said last 18 February 2015 when asked what it was like for him to play against the Philippine boxing icon.

"Professional boxer, yeah okay. Congressman, alright. Professional basketball player? No. It’s a joke. Seriously, it’s a joke."

Well, before the regular season continues, it appears that the 5-foot-9 Melton has just proven that the there are many things in the league that players considered as a "joke".

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