07 March 2015

PBA's Worst All-Star Dunk Attempt Ever

Worst Dunk Ever
Have you seen the ugliest and funniest windmill dunk ever? Better try to watch again the replay of the Philippine Basketball Association's (PBA) 2015 Slam Dunk Contest and check out Justin Melton.

After sharing the crown last year with Rey Guevarra of the Meralco Bolts, the pint-sized powerhouse Purefoods Star point-guard found himself looking forward to another spirited competition in this year's model. Unfortunately, he could be branded as the worst dunker in the PBA's All-Star history.

"After talking to a few contestants, it seems like everybody is somewhat prepared so I expect a nice show out there," Melton told Alder Almo of the Philippine Star.

Oh, Melton gave the fans a show, all right. It just might not have been the one that the 5-foot-9 former standout at Division II Mount Olive intended to perform.

Get ready to have a good laugh:

To recap: Melton wrapped his teammate's T-shirt around his head in an attempt paying homage to the blindfolded dunk-contest escapades of the likes of Cedric Ceballos (for whom it worked out) and Baron Davis (for whom it did not). He took one dribble from the top of the key, jumped, windmilled the ball with his left hand, and threw it directly into the ground, a solid 10 feet away from the rim. Then his pal laughed in his face.

Hard to believe that Melton was flying by the seat of his pants, isn't it?

Let this be a lesson to all you students out there who think you don't need to do an outline before you start writing your essays. It's like many grandfathers used to say: If you fail to plan, you plan to come up 10 feet short on a windmill dunk in front of everybody.

After Melton was eliminated from the competition for whatever the hell that was, Guevarra, his 2014 co-champ, went on to take his second straight title, clinching the victory by getting East Bay Funk-y:

Guevarra won the contest despite dealing with a left hamstring injury that has kept him out of the Bolts' lineup and prevented him from being able to properly prepare for the competition.

“I’m just really thankful that I was still able to do those dunks,” Guevarra said, according to the Philippine Inquirer.

Melton, surely, wishes he could say the same.

Oh, well. It could be worse, Justin.

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