12 September 2014

The Exciting Paul Lee Saga Continues

Paul Lee Saga
Why is this whole Paul Lee saga took a long time to resolve? There are no final agreements yet as of this time and every basketball follower is wondering when the final outcome be decided or whether the impasse can be solved at all.

The Rain or Shine star guard arrived in the country from Spain on 6 September 2014, but has so far not made any contact with anyone from the Asian Coatings franchise, where his contract expired last 31 August.

When pressed by the media, Lee said he will head straight to Rain or Shine’s practice the moment he arrives in Manila and is willing to listen to what coach Yeng Guiao has to say.

"Pagdating na pagdating ko sa Maynila, didiretso ako sa ensayo. Maguusap kami ni Coach Yeng," said Lee, currently a restricted free agent.

"Sinasabi nga ni Coach Yeng, lahat madadaan sa magandang usapan," added the former Rookie of the Year. "Kung may kailangang sabihin or kailangan mag-usap bago gumawa ng desisyon, alam na lahat ng dahilan.”

Lawrence Chongson, the controversial agent of the Gilas Pilipinas stalwart announced earlier that Lee wants of the Elastopainters and wants to be traded despite the maximum salary offer by the company owned by Terry Que and Raymund Yu.

Five days later, there’s no word yet. Guiao tried to downplay everything by saying that he is not requiring Lee to show up in practice. Instead, he believes Lee needs to rest his mind and body so he can make the right decision later on.

"Ayaw ko naman kasi siya ma-influence sa natural desire niya. I don’t force him to come to practice because right now, what he needs is rest, both mind and body," he added.

How long does it take to talk about these things anyway? Two-three hours? Will that short period enough to make you lose your resistance and stamina that will render you powerless when you are back training with Gilas Pilipinas? Is that enough reason to postpone the talks with Lee?

Is Lee trying to avoid talking to Guiao and want to negotiate directly with Que and Yu? Is Chongson adamant that all contract negotiation should be directed to the owners because he is not in good terms with Guiao? Will Que and Yu still insist that Lee and Chongson deal with Guaio directly instead of circumventing the usual process by talking with the owners?

Is the media being played by both camps to get the much needed leverage and the reporters are also willing pawns of the power play? Is it possible that the media are unaware that backdoor negotiations are currently on-going and they will just be fed later with and edited version?

All these questions are making the Pal Lee saga an extended drama while Gilas Pilipinas are preparing for the next tournament and while PBA teams are finalizing their roster. It keeps basketball aficionados glued to both traditional and online information sources which could help make the next season an exciting, but predictable series.

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