19 July 2014

Is Pacquiao Worth Picking?

PBA Rookie Manny Pacquiao
It has been officially announced that Manny Pacquiao has thrown his hat into the 2014 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Draft scheduled on 24 August 2014.

No less than KIA team manager Eric Pineda confirmed the news at the Microtel Hotel in Acropolis, where the PBA Dispersal Draft was held.

According to Pineda, the eight-time world boxing champion has already submitted the necessary requirements to the league.

"Yes, we submitted his documents just today," said Pineda.

"We welcome the application of Congressman Pacquiao. We wish him luck. He will go through normal procedure," said PBA commissioner Chito Salud.

Pacquiao has also been previously named as KIA head coach.

During the June 9 press conference at the Pacific Star Building, where he was named KIA coach, Pacquiao stated: "As of now, I am head coach. As for playing, we still don’t know that. My focus is in coaching, to get good players and organize a would-be great team."

In the same presscon PBA commissioner Chito Salud was quoted as saying: "These past few weeks there have been so many comments, so many concerns regarding Manny’s possibility of joining the PBA and many of these concerns have been expressed in my mind to protect the interest genuinely of our national treasure Manny Pacquiao."

Since the league does not have a direct hire policy, KIA cannot automatically select Pacquiao on the PBA Draft. This means that Pacquiao could be selected by any of the 10 other PBA teams which will select ahead of the expansion team. Both KIA and Blackwater Sports will go either 11 or 12 in this year's draft.

The next question is, is it worth picking Pacquiao or the teams will just be wasting their pick? If there was a prior arrangement between Kia and the rest of the teams, then everything is moot and academic.

However, with no official word, or maybe everyone just want to keep everything hush-hush, we can only speculate.

Nevertheless, given the appeal of Pacquiao among the boxing fans in the country, it is worth to give him a shot. Remember that all teams in the league are there for only one reason: to get the much-needed exposure and media milleage that is crucial in increasing sales and profit.

With Pacquiao, you can't get it wrong. You may not give him the playing time he definitely do not deserve, but as a team, the management can opt to use their rights on him to promote their products. This is one of the reasons why Chris Tiu and Jeric Teng remain with the Rain or Shine Elastopainters. Their popularity is enough to boost their marketing effort and provide the recall factor among fans.

Hence, to all teams, pick Pacquiao early before the other teams get a crack at him. He may not be worthy to play in the league, but he is definitely a critical factor in ensuring a high return on investment.

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