14 July 2014

Ano Ba Talaga? Protect 12 or 13?

Protect 12 or 13?
This is the question that has hounded several sports bloggers after the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) tried to muddle the issue regarding the number of players to be protected before the 18 July Dispersal Draft.

In previous press releases, the PBA said that the Board of Governors has set to twelve (12) the number of players that each of the ten existing teams can protect and gave the two expansion teams, Kia Motors and Blackwater Sports, a crack at the remaining players. However, it appears that the number is arbitrary and some teams can choose to protect as many as thirteen (13). What gives?

In an interview with Spin.ph, PBA media bureau chief Willie Marcial clarified that the 'Protect 12' scheme initially agreed upon by the board for the dispersal draft has since been re-adjusted and made flexible to the 10 current teams. When was this readjustment made? When a prospective expansion team, NLEX Road Warriors, decided to purchase in existing franchise instead?

The process is not clear and has muddled the issue even further after Commissioner Chito Salud’s questionable 'magic hands' and embarrassing crude draft pick lottery procedures. Are they favouring some teams with this decision?

Marcial added that “they (teams) can even protect only 10 players if they so please.” But this is not the issue. We all know that they can even protect only three if they wanted to, but why give the teams the option to set the number of protected players to either 12 or 13? It should have be 12 exactly or 13 and not either of the two.

"May ibang teams kasi tig-14 lang ang players nila. So kung gagawin mong protect 12 sila, walang matitira sa team nila," said Marcial while explaining the finalized agreement in the board. So what? That’s their choice even before the season started. It doesn’t explain why they can choose between 12 and 13.

“Hindi naman kasi talaga protect 12 yan eh. Ang talagang usapan dyan, may ibang teams protect 12, may iba protect 13. Nasa mga teams na nga kung magpo-protect 10 pa sila." Again, what is the logical explanation behind this?

If Team A only has 14 players and Team B has 15 players that should be their choice. The PBA should set with finality what should be the exact figure that should be protected. No ifs and buts. No favoritism and no hidden agenda.

Blackwater Sports team owner Dioceldo Sy confirmed the development to Spin.ph.

"Nasabi nga sa akin yun dati. Kaya nga medyo nalungkot ako. Sabi ko na lang sa coaching staff ko, tiyagaan na lang. Wala naman kaming magagawa eh," said the Ever Bilena Cosmetics president.

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  1. haaaist... very obvious who the pba are protecting. sanmiguel beer are the team that theyre reffering to with only 14 players on their line-up, thats why they gave 1 player only (sam marata- who is he?) they will still have 12 players + the draft pick/s this season to start with & 12 is still a very solid line-up for them that includes: fajardo,santos, kramer, tubid, ross, mercado, lutz, hubalde, lassiter, maierhofer, justine chua, duncil + lanete (13th); san mig coffee= melton, taha, reavis, holstein, simon, sanggalang, mallari, barroca, pingris, yap, gaco, maliksi, devance (gone are matias, alvarez bono, & cawaling); ginebra= forrester, mamaril, urbiztondo, tenorio, monfort, helterbrand, jr reyes, slaughter, aguilar, ababou, ellis & caguioa (gone are faundo & knuttel). NOW, YOULL BE ABLE TO SEE HOW REALLY STRONG & BIG ARE THE LINE-UP'S OF SMC TEAMS, NOT TO MENTION THEIR STILL COVETING & EYEING TO ADD BANCHERO, PRINGLES & PARKS IN THEIR TEAMS.... TALKING ABOUT BALANCE HERE.... ITS CRAP