16 May 2014

Bolts Need More Unstoppable Players

Rabeh Al-Hussaini
Meralco has not come close to advancing pass the semi-finals round in its four years in the league. It boast of a prolific shooter in Gary David, an energetic forward in Cliff Hodge and a possible sixth-man in John Wilson, but the coaching staff cannot seem to shift gears and mold the Bolts into a championship caliber team.

In short, the team stinks. They can’t seem to realize that there is a lot at stake, both for the team and for the players. The fans want the coaching staff to push everyone beyond their limits, but for four agonizing years they didn't do squat.

Coach Ryan Gregorio failed miserably in nursing last season's youngsters through a learning curve and did not even cursed the veterans through individual workouts. Gregorio is not doing that to everyone in the team and is not exerting special pressure on their resident center and former number two pick in the 2010 Draft, Rabeh Al-Hussaini.

The celebrated center used to averaged 14.16 points and 6.86 rebounds during his rookie season with Air21 Express, but these numbers dipped slowly until he reach his career lows of 5.04 points and 4.96 rebounds with the Bolts.

Al-Hussaini can be a great basketball player if he's in great physical and psychological condition, but that's the big question. If Gregorio was only able to push him into shape, his potentials are unlimited. If he could play 25 minutes a game, he could be the best player in the league. He really could. If he plays at 100 percent, he's unstoppable offensively.

That's one dreamy thought because, for now, the Bolts really need to find more unstoppable players.

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