23 April 2016

NBA Opens New Office in Manila

NBA Office
Good news for National Basketball Association (NBA) fans in the Philippines. The international basketball league has just opened an office on local shores with a goal of expanding its presence in the robust market.

NBA Philippines managing director Carlo Singson said the opening of a league office in Manila will allow for a more dedicated look at a rapidly growing market where the NBA has the largest number of followers on Facebook (5.1 million) outside the United States.

"It really is to help expand the NBA’s global mission which is to celebrate the game of basketball, to demonstrate leadership and social responsibility through our teams and players, and to continue to expand the business opportunities we see here," said Singson.

The opening of the league's 13th international office was announced at a business media roundtable last 19 April at NBA Cafe Manila, allowing the NBA to execute its programs in a much broader scope and try new initiatives in the country.

"I think the popularity of basketball here and the popularity of the NBA is a great position for us. Over the years, we've seen explosive growth in this market," said Singson.

The NBA Asia office in Hong Kong will remain as the league’s base in the Asia-Pacific region, while the Manila office will solely handle affairs in the Philippines.

Singson noted the opening of the Manila office is an indication of the NBA acknowledging its audience in the country, saying, "The Philippines has always been a priority market for us. We’ve been working with this market for a while, and for us get to the next level, we need more people in the ground. But there was no doubt that if there was ever going to be an office, the Philippines will always be the first."

"Opening an office in general is not something NBA decides on quickly," he continued. "We went a thorough process of deliberation, looking at current business environment, and where the NBA can be with an office on the ground. We've been planning this for a while now and we felt it was time to open an office here with the growth that we see in the next few years."

Singson said there’s a lot in store for Filipino NBA fans with the Manila office now in place.

"It's really an exciting time to be an NBA fan here in the Philippines," he said.

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