08 March 2016

Is The PBA Becoming a Big Joke?

Rhose Montreal
A revelation from Spin.ph has become viral recently primarily because it casts doubt on the integrity of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

It was revealed that the league's Board of Governors has rehired the head of its marketing department who resigned weeks ago amid allegations that she submitted spurious credentials when she applied for the position.

In a statement posted on its official social media accounts, the pro league said the board approved in a special meeting the hiring of Rhose Montreal as marketing director, citing "humanitarian reasons and exemplary performance."

It all started when Spin.ph reporter Snow Badua disputed the claim of Montreal in her application that she graduated cum laude from the prestigious University of the Philippines (UP). This was supported by UP Registrar Marilyn R, Canta, Ph. D., when they denied the claim of Monreal.

"Based on our records, Mr. Garcia (Montreal’s maiden surname) was enrolled during the First Semester 1992-1993 until the Second Semester 1995-1996 at the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, working towards the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. She did not graduate," the UP statement said.

The board later convened and released a statement saying they had discussed posts on social media questioning Montreal's alleged entry in her application. They also asked Montreal to air her side after which "she tendered her resignation."

"After further deliberation, the PBA board accepted Montreal's resignation effecting immediately," the PBA statement said.

After everyone thought that the issue had died down, the PBA has released an official memo last 7 March saying Montreal, in a letter addressed to the board of governors, through the Office of the Commissioner, re-applied for the position as marketing director of the league.

"In a special meeting, the board in lengthy deliberations approved the hiring of Ms. Montreal primarily, among others, for humanitarian reasons and because of her exemplary performance," said the PBA in the statement.

This latest development was not lost to PBA followers. They now question the league's credibility when it employs personnel who cannot even be truthful and honest about who they are. Does this mean now that anybody who exhibits "exemplary performance," who appears to be destitute and marred to a PBA referee can be hired even if they lied, cheated and dishonestly to a position?

Great work PBA! Now everyone knows that you have somebody there that may not even have finished her studies. Who else is like that in the league?

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