08 September 2015

Rookie Watch: Joseph Sedurifa

Joseph Sedurifa
By now, everyone should be familiar on who Chris Newsome and Baser Amer are. The 4th and 7th picks of the Meralco Bolts in the just concluded draft were teammates for two conferences with the Hapee Fresh Fighters in the PBA D-Legue.

What remains to be a mystery is the Bolt’s 3rd pick and 31st overall – Joseph Sedurifa.

Sedurifa was the star of the fabled Centro Escolar University squad in the NAASCU, winning the Most Valuable Player award back in 2013.

A streak shooter and an able defender, Sedurifa translated his game into D-League success as he became one of the vital members of the Aspirants’ Cup champions CafeFrance – the same team which broke the hearts of Amer and Newsome, who were targeting a season double in that year.

Sedurifa fired big shot after big shot and was a consistent double digit scorer for the Bakers as they frustrate the team of Newsome and Amer. In some ways, the 25-year old from the University of Southern Philippines Foundation in Cebu City sort of reminds scouts of Gary David when he was still playing for the Montana Pawnshop Jewelers.

Though his name isn’t as hot as other wings, Sedurifa can hurt his opponents in many ways. Known mostly for his shooting, Sedurifa has recently shown massive improvement when it comes to beating his opponents off the dribble and going hard to the rim.

Hopefully, Sedurifa can show everyone in the league why his name was feared by his opponents in the hardcourt.

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