26 September 2015

Abby Poblador: "I am a mistress of Alfrancis Chua"

Abby Poblador
Again, everyone should be clear about this. She admitted on-air that she is a mistress of Alfrancis Chua.

Mo Twister, Mohan Gumatay in real life and host of the popular program Good Times with Mo, said during an interview with Spin.ph’s Snow Badua that model Abby Poblador mentioned Chua’s name around 15 times during the 2 hour program.

Again, so that everyone is clear on this. Abby Poblador admitted on-air that she is a mistress of Brgy. Ginebra Governor and SMC Sports Director Alfrancis Chua. This is the reason why the show was not aired on ABC TV5 as previously expected.

Gumatay added that prior to the show, he didn’t know who Poblador and Chua was. And it was Poblador who asked if she was gonna take part in the ‘Forbidden Questions’ portion. Gumatay said he was hesitant at first as he doesn’t usually ask those questions to people he’s not that familiar with, but upon seeing she was ‘game’ he proceeded anyway.

‘Have you had sex with someone famous?’ was the first question. She intially answered ‘Well, I can’t say’, so Mo insisted that she has to say it otherwise she would be called ‘baduy’. She then said ‘Alfrancis Chua’. Mo, not knowing who he was then asked ‘Sino siya?’, to which she replied ‘Coach ng Ginebra’.

Without hesitation, she then added ‘I am a mistress of Alfrancis Chua.’

The question and answer went on and ended without much fanfare.

At that point, it still wasn’t a big deal for Mo until the episode become viral and trended on social media.

To his dismay however, the show’s episode featuring Poblador was not uploaded by TV5, the host website of the program. He said that this was the first time that an episode was banned by people other than him, stressing that he has always had the final say whether or not a show was fit for public consumption.

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