15 May 2015

What Is The ‘Denzel Bowles Treatment’?

Denzel Bowles
Many are wondering what really is behind the meaning of the term ‘Denzel Bowles Treatment’ being used by critics and followers of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

There are several slangs and expressions used over the years, such as ‘never say die’, ‘lutong makaw’, ‘Commissioner’s magic balls’, ‘ kangkong’, ‘rePAYree’, ‘boracay cup’ and ‘farm teams’, but the ‘Denzel Bowles Treatment’ seems to reflect the blatant favouritism among league officials in the last couple of years. It makes one to wonder how far the PBA will bend over just to accommodate the whims of powerful companies.

Bowles, is an American import who led the Purefoods Star Hotshots to a Commissioner’s Cup title three seasons ago. He was back last conference after he replaced outspoken reinforcement Daniel Orton, who was fined PhP 250,000 by the league for a verbal outburst where he blasted officials and even Kia player-coach Manny Pacquiao after a loss.

During his first stint with the team handled by coach Tim Cone, Bowles was measured at exactly 6-foot-10 and 260 lbs. After their fortunes was almost lost with Orton, coach Cone decided to bring Bowles back and confidently told InterAksyon.com that he is confident that their import would be eligible to play in the conference that sets the imports height at 6-foot-9.

Nobody took Cone seriously, but when Bowles measured at 6-foot-8 and 13/16ths twice to make the limit, they asked, “What happened?” “What kind of chemical was used during a foot spa service that made this possible?”

Hence, from that point on, every time a player is brought by one of the teams of San Miguel Corporation (SMC) with questionable height, everyone will just assume that the ‘Denzel Bowles Treatment’ will be applied to hide the discrepancy in measurement.

Will the newly promoted Chief Operating Officer (COO) Chito Salud provide the medicine to the treatment, everyone doubts it.

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