08 March 2015

Salud Will Remain With the PBA

Chito Salud
The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Board of Governors, in a special meeting at the sidelines of the All-Star Weekend in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, has decided to appoint the current Commissioner, Chito Salud, as the league’s first-ever President and Chief Executive Officer.

In conjunction with the league’s restructuring plans, PBA chairman Patrick Gregorio announced that the outgoing official will be staying with the league, albeit in a different role.

He said, "The Board requested Chito Salud and he has accepted (the position as President/CEO) because the PBA feels that the league must address two issues: strategic growth and sustainability."

"We still have to grow and we feel that the CEO could help us grow this league," Gregorio said of Salud’s new position effective immediately.

In the league’s re-organization, the PBA will have a President/Chief Executive Officer, and under him will be the Chief Operating Officer/Game Commissioner. The CEO will handle corporate communications, finance, marketing, administrative, human resources and legal while the COO will take care of the games in the PBA and the D-League, including technical matters.

"We realized that we needed badly to restructure when Comm. Salud resigned. It is time to transform, so when we approved the restructuring, we cleared this with our owners and they all agreed unanimously, very fast, I must say. All said to push it to the next level," explained Gregorio.

"Right after they approved, we talked to Atty. Salud and offered him the position (of CEO) and told us to give him until the All-Star Week to decide. Tonight, he made the decision and he accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer of the PBA."

One of the new roles which Salud will have to mind will be the amendment of the PBA by-laws, which was last done way back in 1994.

"He realized this is a new role for him. That’s why he accepted the position," Gregorio said.

"We reviewed the structure of the companies and we also reviewed the NBA setup," the Talk 'N Text governor said. "The league’s growth is the most important reason for the decision to restructure."

Though Salud was named as the league’s President, Gregorio said that the league is still looking for the next Commissioner, and they have now selected Global Executive Solutions Group headed by Ray Canilao.

"We already have a shortlist. People within the organization who are capable can be candidates," said Gregorio.

Willie Marcial, Media Bureau Chief and Special Assistant to the Commissioner, and Rickie Santos, Operations Chief, floated as possible names pegged to be the new COO.

Marcial, though, begged off from the position.

However, Gregorio stressed, "They still have to go through a process," as the league is still on pace to select the new COO by the end of the Commissioner’s Cup.

"We are on track," assured Gregorio.

The league continue to put their trust on Salud despite several critical errors committed in the past, including lopsided trades and alleged presence of 'farm teams',

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