12 February 2015

RR Enriquez & Jech Maierhofer Earned the Ire of Netizens

RR and Jeck
The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) requires its staff, players, coaches and team management to conform to standards of morality or fair play whether they are on-court or off the court. Unfortunately for the league, they failed to require the players to try and extend this level of behaviour to their loved ones and to avoid actions that are detrimental to the best interest of the league.

One such misconduct was reported and shone recently until it became viral online. It involves television personalities RR Enriquez (pictured above, left) and Jeck Maierhofer (pictured above, right) who earned ire from netizens after they made fun of a commuter, who was sleeping inside a UV Express van.

The girlfriend of Barangay Ginebra player JJ Helterbrand and wife of San Miguel Beermen Rico Maierhofer were featured in a video posted by Top gear Philippines poking at the passengers of a commuter van, while honking the horn of the vehicle to annoy the sleeping and resting passengers.

The Facebook a video—which they captioned “HOW RUDE”—also showed the stars of TV5's "Happy Wife, Happy Life" laughing the whole time.

"Ladies and gentlemen, ang gagawin po namin ay magbubusina po kami para magising si kuya," Enriquez said in the video.

The one-minute clip gathered thousands of negative and angry reactions from netizens who felt sorry for the passenger, prompting Maierhofer to apologize for her actions in the video.

"I sincerely and wholeheartedly apologize for my inappropriate behavior in the video that has offended many. Sana po ay inyong tanggapin ang aking taos-pusong pag hingi ng tawad sa lahat lalo na po sa mama na nasa loob ng van," Maierhofer said.

She added that she will "be more sensitive towards people's feelings and be more responsible for my actions."

"Tao lang po ako, hindi po ako perpekto, thank you sa lahat ng nagmessage, thank you sa asawa ko na hindi ako jinudge at niyakap ako,yan lang po talaga ang kailangan ko ngayon. Again, sorry po ulit," Maierhofer said.

Enriquez, on the other hand, is less remorseful and appear to be more combative than Maierhofer as he tries to defend her actions. She even lashed back at her critics in a post on Instagram last 9 February.

"Happy Morning This will be the last time that i will post a message regarding sa viral video na yan I can't blame these people for sending us negative comments. I actually pity those people na nagkucomment ng bad. Dahil hindi lang yan ang nareceive namin, sobrang dami pa as in,” Enriquez said.

Enriquez also added, "Nakapag move on na yung mga broken hearted and may bago ng kadate sa valentines so move on din kayo pag may time Iwasan natin kumain ng madaming ampalaya para hindi tayo maging sobrang bitter sa buhay On a ligter note ang dami ko ng na Blocked is Beauty ang sakit pala sa kamay so i guess ito na ang punishment namin ang mabash ng madaming tao at sumakit ang kamay kaka delete at blocked ng mga bashers lol.”

She also made a light jest about the whole situation, "Its really a lesson learned Try nyo mag blocked and delete ng negative comments ewan ko lang kung di kayo mapagod Maybe a lot of you nagtataka bakit nakukuha ko pang magpatawa, or mag joke? As i said life is wonderful hindi ko plan stressin ang buhay ko sa mga pagkakamaling nagawa ko.. They key to happy life is to "Get over it" HappyMorning Happy Valentines Share Love."

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