07 November 2014

The Worst Music Video by a PBA Player?

Arwind Santos Music Video
San Miguel Beermen Arwind Santos has always been an excellent basketball player, even if some of his team's fans don't totally agree. However, looking at the way he put the ball in the basket through off-balanced shots and surprising three-point attempts, will make other teams crave for his services.

Right now, Santos is the second most important man for the Beermen after center Junemar Fajardo and his numbers will show that. His 50 percent shooting from the rainbow land may be the reason for the vast improvement, but it doesn't mean that he should continue to shoot from that distance. Given his frame, the team is better serve if he joins Fajardo at the low post.

However, aside from refraining in taking those long-distance bombs, Santos should also stop from singing songs publicly. After watching his debut single "Bagyo" (Typhoon) - part of the upcoming album that will have 11 tracks, Santos may soon join the infamous Rebecca Black for pulling off what could be the worst music video (and singing voice) on cyberspace.

In his interview with media personalities, Santos said that the song he wrote is about the precautions that should be taken during a Typhoon and how to deal with the emotional impact of natural disaster, which is common in the country. Despite this laudable intent, it does not mean that he should also sing it. Let us put it this way, after watching the eerie video, it is fair to conclude that he definitely has no career in the music industry.

Maybe Santos is not aware of it, but having 30-50k visitors or views does not mean he should continue to make everyone suffer for 3 minutes and 41 seconds. Why does he need to torture us with a video of a basketball practice that doesn't have anything to do with the typhoon? What is it with one hand on the earphone ("We Are The World" antics) and the other on a smartphone scrolling down the lyrics?

Totally disgusting video and, hopefully, Santos, the basketball player, will stick with what he is good at. If you want to suffer, listen and watch the video below:

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