22 September 2014

Rex Chapman is Arrested

Rex Chapman
Do you still remember Rex Chapman? The former Phoenix Suns player?

Let us go back first to the 1997 first playoff round against the Seattle SuperSonics. The Suns, up two games to one, were trailing the SuperSonics by three points with seconds to go at America West Arena in Phoenix. With the inbounded ball seemingly on its way out of bounds, Chapman saved it and threw up a three-pointer, making the shot with 1.9 seconds left and sending the game into overtime. Despite this miraculous play, the Suns ended up losing the game, and the deciding game 5, and were eliminated from the playoffs. Chapman has declared publicly he does not like to be reminded of the moment too much because the Suns still lost.

That Rex Chapman. Well, he is often in the news lately, not because he is bankrupt, but because of a crime.

The Arizona Republic reports that Chapman, also a former director of basketball operations with the Suns, was arrested recently and charged with shoplifting more than US$ 14,000 worth of electronics from the Apple store in Scottsdale, Ariz.

He is accused of walking in on seven occasions and pretending to use the self checkout through his iPhone app, while actually not paying at all.

He allegedly took the stolen items to a pawn shop and exchanged them for cash. Reports suggest the Apple store employees recognized him from his days as a player.

In total, nine charges of organized retail theft and five of trafficking in stolen property have been laid against him. These are all felonies.

Chapman's NBA career spanned 12 years, during which time he played with four different teams: the Charlotte Hornets, the Washington Bullets, the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns.

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