25 September 2014

Coach a No-Show in Kia Sorrentos' Unveiling

Pacquiao with KIA
I guess you already know who was absent when Kia Sorrentos presented to the public their official Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) line-up. It's no other than their famous boxer head coach, Manny Pacquiao.

The Sorrentos named their final roster of players last 21 September during the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) at the World Trade Center in Pasay. Notable stars are returning PBA players Rich Alvarez, Rudy Lingganay, Chad Alonzo, Reil Cervantes, Hans Thiele, and LA Revilla.

The team also have Michael Burtscher and Chito Jaime, players they got from the dispersal draft. Rookies Alvin Padilla, Joshua Webb, Kenneth Ighalo, Bogs Raymundo, Paul Sanga, Eder Saldua, and JR Buensuceso complete their lineup.

Alvarez, the top overall pick in 2004, is the most veteran player on the roster. Burtscher, who last played for Air21, is the tallest at six feet, six inches.

Noticeably absent from the lineup was Rene Pacquiao, the boxer’s cousin. The taller and younger Pacquiao did not crack the lineup but will stay with the team as a practice player.

San Beda’s Kyle Pascual is also set to join the team after he wraps up his NCAA career. Pascual has already agreed in principle to a three-year deal with the expansion team.

Because of his extremely busy schedule, Pacquiao has missed some of the recent important activities for the team. He flew out to Macau for promotional activities during the 2014 PBA Draft where he was selected.

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