04 August 2014

Who Will Be PBA's "Whipping Boys" Next Season?

PBA Whipping Boys
Who gets the honor of compiling the most number of losses in the 2014-2015 Phillippine Basketball Association (PBA) season?

With the 2013-2014 season in the rear-view mirror and the two new teams just entered the league, it’s time to eat, sleep and drink Philippine professional basketball for the next few weeks.

The PBA, one of the most popular sporting organizations in the Philippines, always provides plenty of drama and upsets that even the casual sports fan can’t turn away from. For a three conferences, ten current teams plus the two new squads, local basketball fans will be able to witness one team will claim either one or all of those three crowns.

However, even before we begin to describe each play, strategy and innovation, the main topic trending so far concerns the question on who will finish consistently last. The question could be considered a blasphemy in an ideal competitive sports setting, but in the PBA, some owners and managers just want their teams to be a lottery prospect or the worst team always.

Once that is accomplished, then they begin against the endless cycle of trading their picks for cash considerations and forget the whole idea or building their foundation. The way they try to spin the issues, shift the discussion away and deflect the issues always from them can be considered quiet admirable.

But whatever ‘wag-the-dog’ kind of schemes they employ, this blog would like to make a fearless forecast. This blog would like everyone to take note that Kia Motors, Blackwater Sports and GlobalPort Batang Pier will all be finishing last in all three conferences. In what order, it doesn’t matter. The main consideration here is that all of these three teams have a scrappy line-up with no legitimate extra-ordinary talent in their roster. And all three are not making any significant effort to improve them, which makes everyone agree that they are not here to win, but to get media exposure and nothing else.

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