26 August 2014

What Happened To The 3rd Pick?

Ronald Pascual
The 2014 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Rookie Draft was full of surprises, but also helped confirm some suspicions held by several basketball observers: farm teams exist in the league.

The first pick belongs to GlobalPort Batang Pier and as expected they selected the best talents available, Stanley Pringle. The second pick of Rain or Shine Elastopainters was also a no-brainer after rumors had it that their star point guard, Paul Lee, is on the trading block. Kevin Alas has all the basic skills necessary to fill that gap for now.

What was amazingly surprising that compelled all experts to scratch their heads needlessly is the next pick.

The third pick belongs to the Barako Bull Energy Drink. It was rumored for several years now that Barako is the perpetual farm team of the three San Miguel Corporate teams: San Mig Coffee, Barangay Ginebra and San Miguel Beer. However, with no actual paper trail, the allegation cannot be proven unless one uses history to evaluate the team's trading trend.

It was only last year that nobody can make any sense on why Barako Bull gave up its No. 4 pick to Barangay Ginebra in exchange for Rico Maierhofer and Willy Wilson. The team also dealt the fifth pick in a three-way deal with Petron and GlobalPort to receive little-used bench-warmers Magi Sison and Mark Isip from the Boosters.

This time, another senseless transaction occurred for the rights to pick third. Barako Bull had earlier stated they were looking for a big man but most of the top-rated prospects were guards and wingmen. So how in the world were they able to address this by trading the pick to San Miguel Beer for Jojo Duncil, Chico Lanete, a 2014 second round pick and a 2016 first pick?

More questions were raised after the move because Barako Bull now have eight guards! Their full roster now have RR Garcia, Denok Miranda, Willie Miller, Chico Lanete, Jojo Duncil, Jeric Fortuna, Carlo Lastimosa and Rob Labagala. Are they willing to do anything just to improve their mother team or they have something up their sleeves? Based on history, Barako Bull's move is more geared towards the former.

The San Miguel Beermen, on the other hand, just got a boost after using the pick to tap former San Sebastian and NLEX gunner Ronald Pascual. This is also something to ponder on since the talented Chris Banchero is still available.

Even the commentator were not making sense after learning about the pick. Their veil attempt to inject in the minds of viewers that it was the right move on both sides was an epic failure.

Franz Pumaren asked what many were asking when he said, "What surprised many was the move by Barako to trade their third pick to San Miguel Beer for a future first round pick ..."

However, the answer that we get was a classic brainless reply.

Fellow commentator, Dominic Uy, answered Pumaren and said, "It was a surprise move but you can see that San Miguel Beer is preparing for the future while Barako wants to improve now ..."

Need we say more?


  1. mr. MVP, pls get paul lee at any cost, dont let him rot in SMC, he'll be a wasted talent there. and he will become greedy & materialistic until he realize in the end that he was just being consumed by this greedy corporation, after they exhumed all his strenghts, theyll going to kick him out just like the case of the 2 danny's & dorian & dondon & many others. so pls dont let paul lee waste his talent & life with this SMC, he's still young & still can served in the national team for many years to come, we could still used him in our future gilas teams

  2. You can also Pinnisi, Tugade, Isip among those who were made as pawns in the SMC saga to dominate the league.