15 July 2014

Why Keep It A Secret?

Ryan Buenafe
Do you think that the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) should keep the list of players in the dispersal draft a secret?

The primary argument that one could think of to keep everything under the lid except for the two teams that will be using them is to make sure that unprotected players included in the list are not offended. In short, the PBA should try not to hurt their feelings for being left out in their team’s "Protected 12 or 13."

Here is the thing though: assuming that the list of unprotected players is authentic, there is no assurance that the two teams that will benefit from it will keep everything from the public. Both Kia Motors and Blackwater Sports are under no obligation not to vet their possible choice to their fans before officially selecting on 18 July 2014.

Also, why try consider the player’s feeling and morale during this process when those sentiments were not even given a second look when teams trade, drop or send their ‘rejects’ to the D-League. Why overly concerned with ‘hurt feelings’ now? Is it because some of the teams do not want to promote parity in the league by denying the expansion teams some quality players?

A PBA player is considered a professional athlete. It is part of their job to follow the team that selected them, traded for their rights or acquired them from the free-agency market. Their feelings are not part of the deal, but their skills and winning attitude.

More importantly, the PBA should try to exorcise the demons that brought down the league’s integrity and good standing after all the questionable calls, lopsided trade deals among sister teams and the crude manner by which Commissioner Chito Salud selected the 2014 Rookie Draft order. This is not to mention the obvious practice of not implementing any form of regulation to keep a cap on the team’s expenses on player salaries, bonuses and other non-monetary benefits.

Revealing the official list is a positive step towards more transparency in a league that has dwindling credibility.

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