24 July 2014

More Misleading Statements Instead of Apologies

Wow Mali Last Home Stand
The organizers of PLDT Home's 'Last Home Stand' must really think the Filipinos are stupid. They even announced that there were changes before the event, but they did not specifically say what they are. Instead they still tried to hype them as if the changes were for the better.

"We're very proud to present this charity event. We're going to see something tonight that has never been seen before. We’re going to see an inside look to how your Gilas Pilipinas team prepares," Gilas coach Chot Reyes said of the change to the schedule.

Well, he is right. Filipinos did saw something special. They saw how spending more than PhP 20,000 will give you a non-competitive practice drills. They just witness first-hand how they wasted their money for something that they did not expect to see: players from Gilas Pilipinas showcasing a skills clinic with players from the National Basketball Association (NBA)!

Imagine that. How many of you thought that, in your lifetime, you will be spending that much money just to watch a basketball clinic with NBA stars when you can watch the more exciting NBA Summer League comfortably at home for free?

"In the first place, we didn’t announce in our print ads and flyers that it’s going to be a game. We said it’s for charity," said PLDT Home executive vice president Ariel Fermin.

"Yun talaga ang plano, para tulungan ma-train ang Gilas. (That’s really the plan, to help train Gilas)" added Fermin.

So that was really the plan? Is that why some of the Gilas players expected a game because they were informed of the plan before hand or that was the plan on the date itself?

Let us try to explain to Fermin that there is nothing in the promotional materials that the "charity" event will be purely made up of drills and scrimmages. There is nothing at all even in fine prints.

Also, the cheapest ticket is priced at PhP 750 while the most expensive is at PhP 23,000. Those are ticket prices for actual basketball games and not scrimmages, which are usually free to the public.

Lastly, if there was no planned game from the very start then how come the organizers never bothered to correct newspaper reports that appeared weeks before the event stating that Gilas will take on a team of the NBA players? Why is that so Mr. Fermin? Even coach Chot himself said that they are gearing up for a tough fight against the visiting Americans.

Chao Espaldon of East West Private, which helped promote the event, said during the meeting with the media that 'Last Home Stand' was never advertised as a game.

Here we go again. This is another attempt to insinuate that Filipinos are allegedly gullible. Espaldon should try to read the Merriam-Webster Dictionary once in awhile and not the online definition found in Google search. The dictionary defines home stand as "a series of baseball games played at a team's home field." Was there a baseball game much less a competitive game? Maybe Espaldon has a different meaning of what a 'game' is?

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