21 July 2014

Expansion Draft Mockery & League Parity

PBA Expansion Draft 2014
Nobody from the Kia Motors and the Blackwater Sports will confirm it, but it’s obvious to the thousands of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) fans that the expansion draft recently was a mockery of the process and an insult to our intelligence.

Maybe it's an over-exaggeration on my part. It’s more like only a couple of hundreds of fans now after several unbalance trades between sister teams, possible existence of farm teams, crude rookie draft selection process, a good number of questionable calls during crucial matches and a blatant disregard for attempts to install league parity through transparent and strict implementation of salary cap.

The expansion draft last 18 July was supposed to help make the two new teams more competitive and give them a short adjustment period before they can give top teams a run for their money. However, the players that were selected made it appear to an unbiased set of eyes that Kia and Blackwater plan to remain at bottom half for at least 5 years in a row.

As one forumer once quipped, “the two expansion teams want to give GlobalPort Batang Pier a hard time competing in order to find out who gets to earn the title of ‘The Favourite Whipping Boys’ in the league.

Some people who are trying to deflect the impact of the expansion draft sham are trying to make it appear that some of the big names were totally ignored primarily because they are receiving maximum pay. Well, the attempt was futile.

It is a known fact that the salary grades of forward Larry Rodriguez, Ronnie Matias, Bonbon Custodio and Ryan Buenafe are not at par with those of genuine superstars like James Yap, Jayson Castro, Ranidel De Ocampo, Junmar Fajardo, Japeth Aguilar, Sonny Thoss, among others. Logic tells us that if Kia and Blackwater can’ t even provide the salaries or role players who were not considered worth protecting, then it follows that both teams has no plans in signing up any of the big stars of the league.

Well, this is another over-exaggeration on my part because Kia wanted boxing legend Manny Pacquiao in its roster. Oh, wait. I stand corrected. Pacquiao is not a basketball star.

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  1. hi mr MVP, can we also get mr. chip engelland to be our shooting coach for GILAS with the cadet pool, together with allan caidic & atoy co? maybe it could give us the confidence needed to shoot those 3's with ease, talentwise, we have, but the confidence to shoot it against taller & heftier opponent, that's lacking, which is really important in shooting. & also can we get dennis rodman & jayson williams with freddie abuda to train our big man on how to box out & rebound properly, even against much taller & bigger & heavier opponent/s? maybe it can give our centers & PF mental toughness and the desire to get the caroms as if life defends on it? these areas are what we need to improve to excel in international competition. & one more thing, can we start them young, train them now for the future, & dont let them go to the pba for at least 3 to 5 years, instead, we should let them compete in the pba as a team, as our national team competing in the pba? maybe at the start, we'll end up losing some games, but as soon as they start to mature, man they will be tough & good.