26 June 2014

To Create Hope, Fire the Coach

Fire Gregorio
Off with their heads! The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) season has ended for the Meralco Bolts, and the head coach, assistants and general managers are not yet being fired.

To a certain extent, firing coach Ryan Gregorio and his staff should serve as a poetic justice. The sole goal of a PBA operation is to win. (The goal of the business side is to make money, which is another story.) If the basketball part of the franchise doesn't win, by definition the coaches and front-office types have done a poor job. Their huge salaries are justified by "the buck stops here" claims. So if the team does badly, the buck should stop for coaches, assistants and general managers.

However, it appears that the Meralco Bolts management is not following this creed, at least in theory. For the team, victory is only one of several objectives. If productive players are being traded senselessly to get marginal players in return, if the team becomes a laughingstock for four years in the league, four relying too much on isolation plays and nothing more, a Meralco Bolts coach can have a good season despite losses.

One of the things wrong with Meralco Bolts is that increasingly it is treated, like a farm depot for its sister team, Talk N’ Text, as if all that matters is for the flagship squad to win.

A PBA coach, whose team loses for four years, by definition, has not done a good job at all. This coach has the responsibility to placate the fans and represent their interest in the court. They are supposed to inspire young people with their winning ways and get boosters to transfer loyalty to their team. They are supposed to win. They are expected to win. If they don't, off with their heads!

Another reason why the Meralco management needs to get rid of coach Gregorio is that the owner needs someone to blame, in order to show to their supporters that they are seriously doing something. On a practical basis, the owner can't fire the entire team, but he can fire the head coach. It's a prompt, decisive action. Nearly all PBA tickets are sold in the offseason. Even though 3 new additional teams are expected next conference, Meralco needs a reason ticket buyers can believe next season will be better than this one was. They need that reason fast, for fan–base purposes. Firing the head coach creates hope for next competition.


  1. Ano may Plano bang Tanggalin si RG o wala ?

  2. Wala pa daw sabi ng team manager nila. Full of confidence pa rin daw sila after so many heartbreaking losses. Favorite talaga si coach Ryan kasi kahit talo tuloy ang walang kwentang trabaho.