06 June 2014

Best Value for The Bolts to Pursue in the Offseason

Dillinger and Hodge
Even though there are gaping holes that need to be filled on the Meralco Bolts line-up, now is the time to be frugal.

Next season is when the party starts. At that point, the team will be able to justify why they need to get rid of burdensome coaching staff that includes coach Ryan Gregorio. And the Bolts can actually get a lot of benefit if they will try to lure those that were not picked by the three new teams from the dispersal draft.

That's when the Meralco management can start making it rain.

The Bolts will need to passionately pursue reconfirming their intention to retain two promising players in the team, Clifford Hodge and Jared Dillinger. They may opt to include veteran Reynel Hugnatan, Sunday Salvacion and Danny Ildefonso, but the rest can be utilized as trading baits to get higher pick in the rookie draft or lure potential scorer into the fold.

Other than that, though, don't expect any earth-shattering moves from the Bolts, a team that were not given enough support under the MVP group compared to Talk N’ Text.

Think of the Bolts — for this third conference, at least — as a prodigal son in a family of millionaires, playing hard to get the attention of the patriarch. They need a lot, but were only given meagre sustenance in the form of monthly subsidy.

That's where the emphasis on value comes in. It’s imperative that Meralco makes the most of every dollar it spends this offseason. Retain the modest core of hard-working and experienced players and get a young group of promising, but undervalued rookies and free agents.

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