15 May 2014

T-Will's Freakish Collection

Shoe Collection
The Meralco Bolts should be warned that their import, Terrence Williams, has a terrible weakness.

There is no doubt that the 6-6 forward from Seattle can score, rebound and assist. He even scored 50 points in one of those games he played at the National Basketball Association Developmental League (NBA-D League). However, he has one flaw.

Fortunately for the Bolts, that weakness does not crop up when he's on the court. Williams happens to be more of a freak when it comes to sneakers.

The 26-year old Williams estimates that he has about 160 pairs of sneakers when he was in college. The collection includes about 70 pairs of Air Jordans, most of which he would never think of actually wearing.

"Out of the 160, I probably have 110 in boxes," says Williams, before offering the verbal equivalent of a shrug. "If you're a shoe person, you have to have them."

If you think 160 pairs are a lot to keep when in college, then prepare to be blown when you read that he has the same 160 pairs back in his home in Seattle. It seems that the NBA veteran got to have the right shoes no matter where he is.

"I've always been that way about collecting things," Williams says. "My mom bought me my first DVD. Now I've got maybe 400 to 500 DVDs. I collected hats like that."

What's next for Williams to collect? How about Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) championship rings with the Bolts?

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