07 February 2014

What About The Officiating?

Coach Yeng Guiao
Most PBA observers will agree that the fiery Rain or Shine coach, Yeng Guiao, deserves a disciplinary action for flashing an obscene gesture at league officials during Game Four semi-final playoff against Petron.

There is no argument here and almost everyone will probably do the same thing if they were in the shoes of PBA commissioner Chito Salud. It was a deplorable behaviour that should be meted with a stiff fine.

What the viewing public doesn’t get is why nothing is being done to address the cause of Guiao's outburst? If there really was an effort, what is it?

The officiating in the league has just turned from bad to worse. How can anybody in their right frame of basketball mine allow a two-punch combination made by Alaska Aces Gabby Espinas against Meralco Bolts Clifford Hodge be punished with flagrant foul penalty one when the act is worth penalty two and automatic ejection?

In his interview with Spin.ph, Salud said that Guiao was misdirecting the issue that his outburst was caused by "bad officiating" - the real issue, Salud said, was the coach flashing an obscene gesture at league officials during Game Four of Rain or Shine's semi-final playoff against Petron.

I beg to disagree with the good commissioner on this one. I’m not the only one who can see that the league is plague with bad officiating. Blaming the officiating is not an attempt by Guiao to misdirect the public. Instead he has addressed the root cause of all this growing frustration on how the PBA is favoring the three teams under the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) umbrella.

The paying and viewing public is not contented with dismissive answers like "the PBA is doing everything to make it more consistent. What we want is to see that there is something really being done."

How many referees have been fined or suspended so far? Was there an attempt to tap the services of law enforcement agencies to make sure that investigations are being conducted to assure the public that no underhanded fixing is being done? Is there an attempt to influence the outcome of the game to favor SMC teams? Is the PBA adopting a system of parity to ensure that teams like Air21 Express and Barako Bull Energy Drink are not treated as 'farm' teams?

Until the PBA front office can show everyone that they are serious is promoting competitive basketball in the country, we should expect more SMC teams dominating the top three slots. Since there are only three SMC flagship teams, I guess we have a good chance to predicting who will be the champ.

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