01 November 2013

What Were They Thinking?

Rajko Toroman
When news broke out that the Barako Bull Energy Drink is giving their active consultant Rajko Toroman the pink slip, not a few basketball followers think something stinky is in the air.

The Barako Bull has long been labelled in public forums and online discussions as a farm team of the three San Miguel Corporation (SMC) clubs, Barangay Ginebra, Petron Boosters and San Mig Coffee Mixers. If something was afoot, then Toroman’s exit may have triggered it.

And just like a well-oiled script, something did happen.

Inside sources in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) office said that the Energy Cola are set to trade their fourth pick overall in Sunday's draft to Barangay Ginebra for come-backing and injury-prone forward Dylan Ababou and the No. 5 pick to Petron for a handful of no-names in Mark Isip and Magi Sison.

Baam! Just like that, Barako Bull has proven again that they are not here in the PBA to play high-quality basketball, but to provide the training ground for potential SMC players. How can anybody in their right mind trade two first round picks that have the potential to start in a team for a player that just suffered an ACL injury and for two bench players who are possible third options in their best days?

Due to this move, after years of struggling just to get to the quarterfinals, the Energy Cola has further dimmed their chances of ever winning a semi-final series in the PBA.

The SMC teams couldn’t have done much better than landing the first, second, fourth and fifth picks in the 2013 draft. After grabbing the future frontline players of the league, they have a chance to snatch the explosive back court combination of Terrence Romeo, RR Garcia, Alex Nuyles, and Jeric Teng, whichever they think can give them the greatest impact.

Not only are the four guards quick and agile for their size, but due to their storied experience almost every shot is virtually unstoppable. They are very polished and complete players who thrive off of the competition and he continually rises to meet challenges.

What they were thinking in Barako Bull is beyond comprehension. There should be a trade committee that can scratch all trades that make no sense.

The PBA management, if they really are serious in promoting fair competition in the league, should definitely put their foot on this possible senseless trade. Let us cut the BS and all forms of justification because wherever you look at this, it smacks of imbalance written all over it.

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