31 October 2013

Future Trade Pospects for the Bolts

Dillinger and Allado
When the idea of winning right now comes up, the leadership of the veteran and experienced players tends to become a priority.

With winning right now an immediate thought, the focus shifts toward making the team better in the short term. This is the case with the Meralco Bolts, who appeared to be in a better position than their sister team, Talk 'N Text, to figure in the semi finals picture.

There are plenty of eager veteran leaders on the Bolts that will be watched closely this season; Gary David, Kerby Raymundo, Reynel Hugnatan, Mike Cortez and Sunday Salvacion are just a few. Rightfully so, many fans are focused on these guys because they figure to be a part of the team in the next two to three years.

There is still value in the Bolts' youngsters playing well in the coming All-Filipino Conference. The management should be looking to trade a few of the young players on the roster, but they will need them to produce early in the playoff to make this a possibility. Nobody wants to acquire an expensive youngster who looks like he is way past his prime. I'm looking at you, James Sena and Allan Mangahas.

Among the veterans, Don Allado should still be an important tradeable piece for the Bolts. As the year begins and injuries pile up, there will surely be competitors in need of a quality power forward at a decent price. Allado is not being paid a maximum contract price, making him affordable for the right team.

As the league continues to play fast ball, a center who can stretch the floor with his shooting is extremely valuable. While Allado doesn't have the ideal 3-point ability, his mid-range jumper is more than enough to keep opposing defenses honest. He is the perfect rotation bench player for a contender, as he knows his game and plays within it. He would also bring a veteran attitude who will do anything to win.

It wouldn't hurt if coach Ryan Gregorio get Allado significant minutes early next conference in an effort to pump up his trade value. The same could be said for Mangahas, although he may be tougher to move due to his unproven potential. As the season goes on, however, Gregorio will have to find more playing time for youngsters Jared Dillinger and Josh Vanlangdingham. By that point, Allado may no longer be on the Bolts.

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