24 September 2013

The Bearded 'Wolverine' Tries to Bounce Back

Hodge and Dillinger
The Meralco Bolts has done wonders lately and are now in the quarterfinals of the PBA's Governor’s Cup with a twice-to-beat advantage against Barako Bull. Game time is on Wednesday, 25 September 2013, 5:15 PM at the Big Dome.

The primary reward, aside from an obvious trip to the semi-finals, is to prove to all its critics that they are serious about sustaining what they have achieved so far.

John Wilson has proven already that he has a game. Mike Cortez gave everyone a glimpse on his leaderhip qualities. Jared Dillinger has not played a game yet, but showed a lot of energy during practice.

For the Meralco Bolts, they have a golden opportunity to take a giant leap to the Finals after three years in the league. Veterans Macmac Cardona, Reynel Hugnatan, Cliff Hodge and Chris Ross are aware of this and they know that their championship dreams are still alive.

But the showdown with the Barako Bull will not be easy. In their first meeting, the Bolts squandered two chances to win the game when import Mario West failed to sink two of his last shots. They were also unable to contain the young Eman Monfort from wrecking havoc at the three-point line. There were things that were said, there is a past here, and it is just going to give both teams a little bit more a hop in their steps.

How long will it take for Jared Dillinger to get into the Meralco groove?

Jared Dillinger arrived in Manila on 21 September 2013 in Manila from the United States, where he spent the past few months recuperating from an injury he suffered in a vehicular accident.

He admitted at Spin.ph that he was lost out there in a Meralco jersey in his first practice with the Bolts. This is granted and understood. The guy had not met his new teammates since being traded from Talk 'N Text. But now that there have been some days under his belt, does that mean that he will get into the thick of things? Coach Ryan Gregorio should hope so.

There is strong feeling among fans that we are going to be seeing Dillinger playing a lot of shooting forward position as to not take Wilson out of the rotation at two-guard. If this is the case, then we will be seeing a lot of exciting and high-flying action with the much-improved Hodge.

Dillinger strived well in a fast-breaking pace with the Texters and combined well with Jayson Castro and Ryan Reyes. Now we will see him give the Bolts another option at both ends of the floor.

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