02 September 2013

Not Another Taulava Trade Rumor

Asi Taulava
The trade talks involving aging behemoth Asi Taulava just won't fizzle out. It appears that several teams are still not giving up on their effort to pry the 6'9" giant from the Meralco Bolts.

After Taulava opted out of his Meralco contract to play in the ABL for the San Miguel Beermen, the 40-year old slotman was able to show some inspired plays reminiscent of his MVP days. And this has attracted the attention of two PBA teams, Barangay Ginebra and Air21 Express.

The initial talks did not push through because of disagreements on who will be involved in the package. However, new leaks revealed that two new trade variants are emerging that are closely tied to each other.

According to Spin.ph, the first trade involves Meralco Bolts and Air21 Express, while the second deal includes the latter, Ginebra Gin Kings and the Petron Boosters. No explicit details are available at this time because it seems the wheeling and dealing to get most out of the transaction is still on-going.

However, unconfirmed reports reveal that the first stage will be a one-on-one deal involves the Bolt’s Mark Cardona and Express’ Mike Cortez. This will only push through once the parties in the second trade agree to send Beerman Joseph Yeo to the Express for Nelbert Omolon followed by the transfer of Ginebra veteran big man Kerby Raymundo to the Express’ side for young center James Sena and a 2014 first-round pick.

Taulava's right will also be transferred to the Express after they ship Raymundo to the Bolts.

In summary:
  • Meralco Bolts gets Cortez and Raymundo, but losses Cardona and Taulava.
  • Air21 Express gets Cardona and Yeo, but losses Cortez, Sena, Omolon and their 2014 first-round pick.
  • Ginebra San Miguel gets Sena and a 2014 first-round pick, but losses Raymundo.
  • Petron Boosters get Omolon, but losses Yeo.
If this multi-trade pushes through in the next couple of months, the next question is: Will Taulava stay with the Express or will he be farmed by the Kings in exchange for a token player or, in short, for nothing?

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