23 August 2013

An Insanely Priced Basketball

Hermes Ball
It represents "the sky, the ocean and all the beautiful pools that are a way of life in LA and Southern California," said Robert Chavez, American CEO of Hermès, when asked by HUH Magazine to describe the new product of the company.

The French luxury fashion label unveiled a US$ 12,900 (about £ 8,200) basketball for the re-opening of its 12,000-square foot Beverly Hills boutique. It comes in blue, and is made of calfskin leather and the same hand-stitched techniques used to make the brand’s renown 'Birkin' bag.

Right now, there are only two of these overpriced basketballs that have been created, but anybody can order from Hermès' Paris atelier. It did not mention whether delivery cost is included or not, but I guess it could be arranged.

If you are asking if it is functional, well, it is. Chavez explained that the luxury item can be bounced and played with like a regular basketball.

"The leather is sturdy, and why not make such a unique item come to life on the court?" he added.

Why not indeed? The answer is actually really simple. Even if it can be played, there is little doubt on whether it is capable of replacing the regular basketball. With that unreasonable price, only the rich have the means to buy it. And even if some NBA teams can afford it, it doesn't mean that they should buy it.

Having that luxurious item will not improve those shooting percentages on the floor nor those free-throw line dunks. Kids nowadays are better off spending that large chunk of money in getting a college degree or investing in some small business that can set them up for life anyway.

If you want to buy that ball just to show everyone that you have the means, remember that no matter how much money you make in your life, there will always be someone who has infinitely more than you.

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