01 July 2013

You Want Taulava? Give us More!

Asi The Rock Taulava
The trade saga of Asi Taulava just won't die a natural death simply because many Ginebra fans want it to happen, but are unwilling to take into account that the Meralco Bolts has the last say in all of the propose trade scenarios. The Bolts, obviously, has the upper-hand right now and can demand more in the negotiating table than what is being perceived as the true value of the Fil-Tongan center.

The Bolts can even sit this one out, not make any move at all and life still goes on for the team. That's how seriously one-sided the advantage of the Bolts has in this case compared to any team that wants the services of the 40-year old behemoth.

Trade scenarios by the so-called experts and die-hard Gin Kings include either Cliff Hodge or Chris Ross in the supposed deal. Unfortunately for them, the Bolts don’t see any rational benefit why they should bite this head-scratching and onerous offer.

The simple answer from the Bolts, if I can surmise it, is this: "No Way! You need Asi, so offer us something for him and him alone."

Why would they give up Hodge for somebody like the aging Kerby Raymundo. They may have fairly similar numbers in the past couple of games, but Hodge is far more athletic and hustles like there’s no-tomorrow compared to Raymundo.

Currently, Hodge average 25 minutes, 8.8 points, 5.9 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 0.7 blocks per game. Raymundo has an average of 17 minutes, 8.3 points, 4.8 rebounds, 1.0 assists and 0.4 blocks per outing. What is not present here are the intangibles that show how much energy Hodge brings whenever he is on the floor, which Raymundo sadly lacks.

Even in the propose Ross-Taulava for Josh Urbiztondo deal is full of exceptional holes in it that could give the Bolts a much painful headache that they don’t need at this point of the rebuilding process.

Urbiztondo’s numbers are fairly bloated since his 10.3 points per game average was pulled up by his performance before he was acquired by Ginebra. Besides, Ross is much better defender, excellent assist leader and less error-prone compared to the other guards playing in the league right now.

Hence, for the Meralco Bolts, the message is simple. What the team needs right now is a high-scoring shooting guard and a consistent offense-minded small forward. Give us those pieces for Taulava and we can start talking. It doesn’t matter if the offer comes from the other team as long as it gives the Bolts more benefit that headache, then that's a good start.

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