19 March 2012

Rush the Bolts into Future Mode

Bolts Future Mode
There is a need to rush Bolts into future mode.

With the elimination round almost over, there are several teams around the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) who could use roster shake-up. And the Meralco Bolts are certainly one of those teams.

Or not.

In their second year in the league, the Bolts have had a roller-coaster season. They've had no winning streaks of more than four games, but they compiled losing streaks of three games or more. In the last few days, they've played two games that were decided by last-minute defensive plays.

After their last win against crowd favourite Ginebra Gin Kings, the Bolts 3-4, in seventh and eighth place together with Petron Blaze Boosters, but are just one game ahead of the ninth place and three games ahead of the last place. They have to do something fast or they will be joining the four teams that will be eliminated soon.

If there's any team that just wants to survive the elimination round and make it to the second round, it's the struggling Bolts. They've proven before that they can play some big games, but they really need some consistency and ‘skill-sensitive’ designed plays.

The Bolts feel pretty good about how they've been playing of late. They just had a two back-to-back wins. But when it comes down to it, do the Bolts have a shot in a long series against their sister-team, Talk ‘N Text or B-Meg Llamados.

No matter what is happening on the floor or how his team measures up with the top two teams in the league, Coach Ryan Gregorio should be operating from a position of strength in the days leading up to the end of the elimination round. Gregorio need not be anxious to get something done or to "blow it up," because this roster will not go places unless changes are made in their attitude and the way they approach the game.

You may think that the Bolts as we know them are done competing for championships. And you may be right. But that doesn't mean that they should be relying on their very predictable isolation plays for Macmac Cardona and Sol Mercado.

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