20 January 2016

Can You Blame Coach Norman Black?

Josh Davis
Six imports have already been named and announced by their respective teams in the 2016 Commissioner's Cup, which will begin on 10 February.

These are Rob Dozier of Alaska, Othyus Jeffers of Barangay Ginebra, Al Thornton of NLEX, MJ Rhett of Blackwater Elite, Denzel Bowles of Star Hotshots and Ivan Johnson of Talk 'N Text.

The other teams reportedly have already finished scouting and are in the process of signing their reinforcements. However, one of those team expected to make an early announcement after being eliminated unexpectedly is still holding out any information. Mixed signals and deflective press releases were made that added confusion and doubt among sports scribes.

Meralco coach Norman Black surprisingly admitted that the team has no import prospect yet, and even it already has, he said he cannot reveal the name for obvious reason.

"The last time we did that (revealing the name) we lost the player to another team," said Black, adding the team has no plans of making changes in its roster.

Coach Black referred to what happened last year when he and team manager Paolo Trillo went to the U.S. and secured the willingness of Michael Dunigan to play for them.

Black never really imagined themselves to be in such a quandary a week before last year's conference began, saying, "Originally, when I went to the States, I went to get an import for our third conference, not the second conference because we already gave Mike (Dunigan) a contract."

The Grand Slam coach was surprised to hear later that Dunigan signed with Barangay Ginebra instead, forcing their hands to scamper for a replacement import, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise - Josh Davis.

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