25 May 2012

Iverson Asking for US$ 120k?

The news about former NBA superstar planning to play in the Philippines had everyone excited. This was further bolstered when NBA TV, host Rick Kamla noted the Philippines as a possible destination for the 2001 NBA Most Valuable Player. Kamla mention this possibility when Iverson made an appearance in the Game 6 match between Philadelphia 76ers’ and the Boston Celtics.

"I've tried to hook up with Moore Management, which handles him, pero mukhang malabo because of the amount. But Allen was really interested and his interest even grew when he learned that several other ex-NBA players were able to play in the PBA like DerMarr Johnson, Rodney White and Donnell Harvey," prominent import agent Sheryl Reyes said.

Iverson, according to Reyes, is close to Johnson, his former teammate with the Denver Nuggets. Johnson played last conference for Barako Bull in the PBA.

"Iverson is a good friend of DerMarr and he was the one who encouraged Allen to play here, but when we talked about the contract details, he can’t bend down for a low contract," Reyes said.

"Iverson wants US$ 120,000 a month," said Reyes. PBA imports are paid a maximum of US$ 20,000 a month for their services, according to uniform league contracts.

Listed at just 6-feet, Iverson would have easily been eligible to play in the ongoing Governors' Cup, which caps the height of reinforcements at 6-foot-5. Iverson, however, would have to deal with being at a height disadvantage against taller imports — a risky proposition for PBA teams.

The PBA wouldn't have been Iverson's first stint playing for an international squad. In 2010, Iverson signed a two-year, $4-million deal with Turkish club Besiktas. But he was let out of his contract after incurring a left calf injury that required him to go back to the United States for treatment.

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