09 March 2016

JB Baylon's Take on PBA's "Montreal Issue"

JB Baylon
Former Powerade team executive JB Baylon is one of the respected personalities in the league even after his team was disbanded and sold to Mikee Romero's GlobalPort.

As the team’s top executive when it comes to basketball operations, Baylon was instrumental in the Powerade Tigers rebuilding prior to the season, green-lighting decisions to draft Marcio Lassiter and top overall pick JVee Casio in 2011.

The former vice-chair of the league had an untarnished integrity with his opposition to a very obvious one-sided trade that would send superstar Lassiter, to San Miguel Corporation's (SMC) flagship franchise in 2012, Petron, in exchange for an ineffective Noy Baclao and Rey Guevarra.

He was also part of the board that deliberated on the case of Noli Eala, who was disbarred by the Supreme Court for extramarital affairs.

Hence, it is not surprising that many are looking up to him when it comes to the latest issue hounding the PBA - hiring Rhose Montreal despite her admission that she submitted fake and spurious academic papers to the league.

In his Facebook page, JB Baylon weighs in on the decision to accept Montreal back for "humanitarian reasons." He said:

A few years ago, after a painful process, the Board of Governors of the PBA decided to let go of an effective Commissioner because his private issues had become public. And we - I was part of the group - struggled with the question about what standards we would hold the league up to ...

The bottom line was the painful conclusion that no one, not even this effective commissioner, was indispensable to the league.

Now, an effective marketing director is faced with a private issue that has also become public. This time the league seems to have taken a different tack, concluding that the effective marketing director is indispensable.

Standards seem to have changed.

Personalities and friendships aside I would have disagreed. No one- not me, not any of the Governors, not even the Commissioner/CEO -- is indispensable.

We travel down a dangerous path when we conclude otherwise."

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