21 September 2015

Chito Defends Chito's Decision

Two Chitos
By ABS-CBNnews.com
20 September 2015

PBA chief executive Chito Salud on Sunday defended Commissioner Chito Narvasa's decision to ban Spin.ph reporter Snow Badua from covering the league activities, while at the same time insisting that the league "fosters no ill will toward our partners in media."

"I believe the Commissioner issued the subject order upon a determination that it falls within his office's prerogative, and after weighing various considerations," Salud said in a statement.

Narvasa announced Saturday that the outspoken Badua is "banned… from all of the league's activities, including covering the games, for making incessant and baseless attacks against Barangay Ginebra governor Alfrancis Chua."

Narvasa said the stories that Badua posted on social media about Chua have no factual basis and is only "a concoction of an evil and malicious mind."

Salud, meanwhile, said Chua is planning to pursue "legal remedies," which will "provide both parties the proper venue to resolve this matter between themselves."

"We don't want this situation to deteriorate into something even more emotional and sensitive than it already is by not judiciously approaching it, with the best interests of all in mind," Salud said. "Neither do we want it to escalate beyond what was originally intended by such decision."

Salud stressed that the decision is "meant solely and plainly to deal with the specific acts of one person."

Aside from banning Badua from all PBA activities, Narvasa also warned coaches, players, and other team members to refrain from giving interviews to the reporter lest they be penalized.

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