20 May 2015

Another 'Big Mouth' Gay Player Teams Should Avoid

Big Mouth Gordon
After NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay and compelled everyone to accept him even if he is the most laughable center for his size, another gay from a Division college wanted to create a stir.

UMass guard Derrick Gordon announced last 17 May that he's transferring to Seton Hall, but he told USA Today that he encountered plenty of discrimination along the way in his inquiries to potential new schools. Hmmm ... sounds familiar? This seems to be the most common line that mediocre players are using to get what they want.

"During the recruiting process, a number of schools didn't want me because I'm gay," Gordon said. "To me, that's blatant homophobia. At the end of the day, no coaches will ever admit that they don't want me because I'm gay and there's baggage that comes with the attention."

Wait a minute! Did the schools tell him they weren't interested because he was gay or it was just a product of his mentally diseased mind?

Another article indicates that he was transferring because he wanted a bigger role than he had at UMass. He began his NCAA career at Western Kentucky, transferred to UMass (a good program where he had solid but unspectacular numbers) and now he wants to transfer to a third team.

Didn't it occured to Gordon that these programs may not be interested in an average point guard who appears to have a "me first" attitude?

Um, dear one, there is this under-appreciated thing known as a sense of propriety. That includes knowing when to say what.

Until the transfer is complete, no one had to know any of this. You never know what might happen until the actual deal is officially complete and enacted.

In life, bad mouthing those you are going to be working with, those who are part of your industry, is not the way to shape a positive legacy. Being gay is not the only possible reason others did not want to fool with you. It could be because of your inherent big and ugly mouth.

Believe it or not, that kind of mouth is an unnecessary pain to many people. Add up the annoyance dealing with your mouth is to some, along with the sensitive nature you present in your comments, along with the sideshow issues consideration of your sexual orientation bring to the mix, and it is a wonder anybody accepted your transfer at all.

In life, there is a time when we all must go along to get along. There is nothing so precious about you, your academic achievement or your athletic capacity that makes you so precious that everyone must do your bidding.

Best wishes with your new opportunity. Don't let your mouth mess it up.

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