31 March 2015

Fernadez Claim of 'Robbery' is Too Vague

Boyet Fernandez
After their lost to the Meralco Bolts, which sealed NLEX Road Warriors fate, coach Boyet Fernandez quickly praised their opponents for their effort. The Bolts came back from a 20-point third quarter deficit to beat the Road Warriors, 91-85, in overtime.

However, the quick exit of NLEX in the PBA Commissioner’s quarterfinal series was painful for Fernandez and the manner by which they lost was even more devastating. Hence, it is not surprising to hear the former coach of the defunct Sta. Lucia Realtors to take a quick jab at somebody.

"It’s a painful loss," Fernandez said after emerging from the dugout more than an hour after the game. "We were up so much, but credit to the Bolts; they came back."

The Road Warriors looked poised to extend the best-of-three series after building a 20-point lead in the third quarter, but saw the Bolts rally from a 20-point deficit and steal the game in extra session.

"But I will not take away the credit from my boys. They really played well tonight," Fernandez said. "I will not even blame somebody. I’ll take the (blame for the) loss."

However, Fernandez said he hopes league commissioner Chito Salud reviews the match.

"I watched my players after the game and they were crying, not because we lost that game, but (because) we were robbed," Fernandez said.

How? By who? This are serious accusations that should be taken seriously. Pointing finger in the air and using somebody as a scapegoat for unfounded error of judgement will not get the job done.

"It’s not Meralco. We were robbed by somebody else," he added, obviously referring to the game officials. "But I know the commissioner knows those people who robbed the game from us."

Again, Fernandez is not clear. How and by who? Asking league officials to investigate everyone is time-consuming especially if they don;t know what they are trying to look for.

Fernandez complained at the referees a handful of times at the height of Meralco's comeback. Even after the match, the multi-titled mentor was still hot under the collar as he made his way to the dugout. The problem is, he is very cryptic about it. There's nothing he can give that will make any investigation easy.

"I’ll just cross my fingers that commissioner will watch the game," said Fernandez, who witnesses said figured in an argument with a top league official at the end of the contest.

Hopefully, Fernandez can quickly point to the error he is claiming to have taken place during the game. Passing the buck for the loss on somebody or someone who is not even aware of the accusation is just simply irresponsible.

The judgement error during the last few seconds of the knock-out game between Barangay Ginebra Kings and Rain or Shine Elastopainters was clear. It was acknowledged by league officials. However, what Fernandez is claiming in this case is too vague to warrant a second look from anybody.
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