24 March 2015

Calvin Abueva Reaps What He Sowed

Johnson and Abueva
As the saying goes, "you reap what you sow," and that’s exactly what Alaska Aces perennial star Calvin Abueva learned the hard way after his team lost to Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters, 101-93, last 23 March 2015.

Previously, Abueva taunted and insulted the Meralco Bolts bench with his “nganga” gesture after scoring a crucial basket in their 108-103 overtime win. This act angered Bolts assistant Coach Luigi Trillo who said the controversial forward is acting like a “jerk.”

"I’ve always said before (when I was still coaching Alaska) that you don’t showboat, especially in the end, when you win," Trillo said when reached by Spin.ph for comment.

"When you win, you win in good taste. You don’t wanna further rub salt into the wound," he added. "He’s (Abueva) turning out to be a jerk, because the things he does, the taunting of the players, I’m not for it."

The 27-year-old Abueva made the 'nganga' gesture shortly after scoring on a layup to give the Aces a 103-99 lead with 57 seconds to go in the second overtime.

In the Texters win, Abueva was entangled in several physical plays with import Ivan Johnson and lost his cool when both players figured in taunting and thrash talking. Even Aces Coach Alex Compton had to be restrained after he joined the fray.

Hindi ko sila binabastos, patawid ako nun papuntang backcourt eh. Saka emotion lang 'yun," said Abueva. "May sari-sarili tayong ginagawa, may kanya-kanya tayong reaksyon. Emosyon 'yun eh. Mataas ang emosyon, kasi sobrang dikit ang laban, tapos nagawa naming ipanalo, crucial game pa 'yun."

Maybe Abueva had to do something extravagant to keep attention away from the huge 'in-your-face' block that Cliff Hodge gave him in the overtime period. However, no matter what prompted Abueva to act like a "jerk," it is certain that he can’t handle the "jerky" move when he is on the receiving end of it.

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