11 August 2014

Ravena's Fan or Trending Habit?

Ravena Kayla
In the entertainment industry, there are two sure ways to become a trending topic fast: make sex video and release it publicly or pose in a photo with your middle finger extended in a show of disrespect.

For somebody allegedly named Kayle Leviste, the second option appears to be the only one available when she posed with Ateneo Blue Eagle superstar Kiefer Ravena. Unfortunately for her, the photo became viral and she became an instant ‘kontrabida.’

The photo attracted lots of views and anger, especially from the fans of Blue Eagles, because the girl appeared to have not shown respect to the player she asked to be photographed with. Several online citizens tried to dig dirt on the online account of the girl who is wearing a varsity jacket from a rival school, De Las Salle University. Rumors came trickling in that she is actually not from La Salle, but from Assumption College.

The photo continued to spread at this time and the hunt became intense as well. The alleged accounts of the girl in Facebook and Twittter were all taken down, but it has not stopped Blue Eagle die-hards to from continuing their bullying online.

Ravena has already urged fans to stop the bashing while accepting an apology written in the girl’s supposed Twitter account before it was deleted.

"Apology accepted kayla!! Hi everyone please stop the bashing or whatever with kayla. Nagkamali lang siya.:) goodnight! Thank you lord!," wrote Ravena.

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