15 January 2014

PBA's Official Statement on Abueva-Dillinger Tussle

Alaska Aces Calvin Abueva and Meralco Bolts' Jared Dillinger got involved in a physical tussle in their game last 10 January 2014 which the latter won. Together with the the Bolts Gary David, both landed in the office of PBA Commissioner Chito Salud and were asked to explain their actions.

The PBA later released their official ruling on the matter. Dillinger and Abueva were both fined PhP 10,000 for their altercation with the latter getting an additional PhP 3,000 fine for flopping. David on the other hand was slapped a PhP 5,000 fine. All three players avoided suspension. They will all get to play for their teams in the crucial stretch of the 2013 PLDT MyDSL Philippine Cup.

Here is the PBA's stament in its entirety.

"Upon review of the incident and hearing the testimonies of Calvin Abueva, Jared Dillinger and Gary David, hereunder is this Office’s ruling:

During the fourth quarter of the game Jared Dillinger was going strong to the basket. As he was going for a layup, Calvin Abueva cleanly blocked his shot. After the block, Abueva’s right hand landed on the face of Dillinger. While unintentional, the impact of that contact caused a bruise on the left eye of Dillinger. Dillinger then pulled the jersey of Abueva to prevent a hard fall, at which time Abueva’s forearm landed diagonally on Dillinger’s neck and face with such force causing Dillinger’s nose to bleed. Dillinger thereafter regained­ his balance and grabbed Abueva. Dillinger testified that he grabbed Abueva initially by the jersey. While Dillinger denied that he choked Abueva, it was clear in the video that he had his hands around the neck area of Abueva for the purpose of physically restraining him. While Abueva categorically confirmed that he was not choked by Dillinger, he stated that pressure was exerted on his collar bone. It can be gleaned from the video that Dillinger grabbed Abueva by the neck and while on a strangle/chokehold-like gesture was yelling and screaming at Abueva. Dillinger asserted that he was telling Abueva “to respect me and respect the game,” repeatedly. At this point the referees were able to separate the two players. Gary David, who was not involved in the play at all, was seen raising his right arm with a closed fist toward the direction of the fallen Abueva.

David testified that he was merely reminding Abueva that the latter’s antics were already hurtful to other players. He admitted that he did raise his arm with a closed fist at Abueva out of frustration.

Considering the foregoing factual and testimonial evidence, this Office is hereby upgrading the Technical Foul for taunting called on Jared Dillinger to Flagrant/Unsportsmanlike conduct, as his act of physically restraining Calvin Abueva by grappling him by the neck, along with the taunting and trash-talking, is clearly unnecessary. A fine of ten thousand pesos (Php 10,000.00) is hereby meted out to Dillinger.

This Office is likewise upgrading Calvin Abueva’s Technical Foul for 2nd motion to Flagrant/Unsportsmanlike conduct for the hard blows, inadvertent as they may seem, he landed on Jared Dillinger causing the latter’s face to bleed and bruise. A fine of ten thousand pesos (Php 10,000.00) is hereby meted out to Calvin Abueva. Additionally, this office has reviewed Abueva’s proclivity to exaggerate fouls against him and other forms of physical contact in which he is involved. In accordance with this office’s memo on flopping dated July 26, 2013, Abueva is being fined an additional three thousand pesos (Php 3,000.00).

As for Gary David, he had no reason to intervene in the incident in question. He was clearly seen, not in the act of pacifying the parties involved, but instead was shown to have taken a fighting stance that could have exacerbated the incident. For this unsportsmanlike conduct, David is being fined the amount of five thousand pesos (Php 5,000.00).

Reviews of incidents such as these are conducted by my Office as a matter of course, motu proprio. I again remind our players and teams that the highest tenets of sportsmanship should never be secondary to their passion for the game."

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