20 February 2013

Whatever They Do

Bolts' Cardona
If you think the Meralco Bolts cannot compete for a title this Conference then I have to ask another question. What do you propose to the management that they should do about it? I'd ask the same question to the folks that think that a title is a long shot but there is a chance for a semis slot.

As a former Sta. Lucia Realtor fan, I’d like to see the Bolts compete for a banner, but I just can’t see it right now. I don’t believe the team has what it takes to beat Rain or Shine or the Talk N’ Text as they are constructed right now. With no consistent contribution from anybody after Sol Mercado was traded, the team does not have the assets to make a deal that would allow them an opportunity to compete at a high level.

One option would be to trade Mac Cardona, while he has some value left, for immediate help that can also be part of the future (opinions will definitely vary on this). Another option would be to use as many other trade pieces that the team has to add talent to this current roster (note of caution: this option also might include trading young, promising players like Vic Manuel or even Ronjay Buenafe).

I also like the blow-it-up option. That’s puts the team back to their freshman lottery days and I’m certainly interested on how they rebuild that team from that scenario. The bolts will have enough salary cap ceiling to get the services of some high-caliber players who can put numbers consistently.

There is a risk in the last option that the Bolts will not get players that are as good as Cardona or Buenafe, but what other choice do they have if rebuilding is in the agenda. They are worth more right now, than they will be two years later. And there value will continue to go decline. This is the reason why I doubt there is anybody on the team right now that takes a serious look at all the assets before the bosses make their decisions.

The Bolt’s history is to acquire assets and then make a big deal that favour their sister team – the Texters (I still remember the Kelly Williams and Ryan Reyes lopsided trade). So I guess the decision will be made if by trading their key players will bring back sufficient assets when combined with the Talk N’ Text remaining pieces.

Certainly, there are no easy answers, and no matter what the Bolts management does, the Texters will always get a piece of the pie.

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